Unobium is a french multidisciplinary design studio. We manufacture unique items 100% handmade . We combine design, art,  antique, vintage and contemporary. We combine old school processes and modern tools. Always preferring traditional methods than  mass production. Our objects are finalized one by one by the hand of the man . Each product is a unique work, our customers are explorers . We work for private individuals or professional of the  decoration , layout , architects, artisans and retailers. Our products are available on the shop online. They can be  used for decoration and layout of bars , offices and for individuals habitaions. We also do custom work , directly to your home or in our workshop for your needs of  interior design . Our products are all manufactured in France by ourselves, being respectful of humans and nature. So we are in direct between the producer and the end customer. Wishing you a nice trip. Erick